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Monday, 15 March 2010


I am being very bad at present on updating my blog. The reason for this is the book I am writing is taking up much of my time. I have one book with the literary agents and they are about to send proposals to large publishing houses. I keep my fingers crossed. I know who I would like it to be with as I would like it sold in America also due to the many friends who support me there.

In order for you to have a little taste of what the book is about here is a synopsis, which I had to throw together very quickly. It is not as perfect as I would like, but they'll either like it or they won't. I am a great believer in what is meant to be will happen. I may post a sample chapter on here soon for you to see, but I'm keeping the best bits hidden in order that you'll buy the book when published. As usual, I would love to know your thoughts.

* * * * * * * * * *
By Lorraine Holloway-White

This book is about my spiritual awakening from the first realisation something was happening to present day. It tells of the almighty struggle that went on to not only make me an experienced medium, healer and teacher, but also the personal experiences that helped mould me into the person I have now become. Two halves make a whole and my spiritual awakening and personal experiences are the two halves, which have me the whole medium.

My two marriages are talked of together with my near nervous breakdown. How founding and running an international relief aid agency helped save me which meant I went from being able to see no one to mixing with Royalty and Government Ministers.

Discussed are my religious beliefs, the guilt and confusion I had on realising I may be offending God and how I dealt with it. How I tried to talk to priests and religious but found only spiritualists would listen

My first psychic smells, visions and voices, how I learned to deal with them and control it all. The prophecies I received in my automatic writing which spoke of disasters in my country and the world.

Where I went and who I tried to talk to in order to discover what was happening to me. The frauds and charlatans I came across and their peculiar teaching rituals to the truly genuine and naturally gifted healers and mediums who helped me on my path.

I give many examples of my paranormal experiences as they developed. The confusion and undisciplined use of them and the teachings from the world of spirit, who lovingly guided me and taught me all I know now.

No stone is left unturned in my endeavours to find what was happening and what it all meant. I talk about each of these steps on my journey of discovery and I end up by talking of the present day which has led to my books being written in order to help teach and guide others on the same journey without some of the struggles I had to endure.

* * * * * * * * * *

Well, that's what the book is about. Hope you think it sounds interesting. The talk I did at the yacht club went down very well. Quite a few asked if I had some books with me as they wanted to buy a copy. How good is that? It must have been alright as they are talking of arranging a special coffee morning with me coming back to do a specialised talk with a question and answer session. I am hoping to do a lot more of these talks and as soon as I am able shall set about making it happen.

A friend of mine is going to help and she already has a freelance press officer lined up who wants to work with me and a photographer. I am determined to make this as successful as my charity work was and will do whatever is asked of my by my agent to ensure the book sells worldwide. Spread the word as I need a lot more followers on Facebook as fans. I am on there under the same name as here. Please add me as a friend and ask anyone you know who is interested in mediumship or healing to follow also. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
Lorraine xx

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I cannot believe this is happening to me. It is bad enough trying to come to terms with the fact that I am now classed as an author, but to think I am now signed with a literary agent that's batting for me makes it even more real. Everything is happening so quickly. It was only in November that I put my book on Authonomy, a site run by Harper Collins for aspiring writers. In just 2 months, I had 2 agents contact me, both of whom I wasn't interested in, and then I sent my first three chapters to, Osborne Porter at someone's recommendation. Within four days, they asked for the whole manuscript. Five weeks later, here we are signing on the dotted line!

How can this be happening to me so quickly? As you all know, last year I had my hysterectomy after the other operation hadn't worked. It was during this recovery time that I sat at the computer for hours trying to keep occupied in my boredom. Hence the book. A lot of it had been written before and I had to finish it post haste once the whole manuscript was requested, but goodness, what a change it has made to my life at the moment.

Authonomy is what you make of it and I, for one, have found it a marvellous place to be. There are so many wonderful people on there who show no sign of bitterness or jealousy at other success stories or good news. In fact, the opposite is true. They are so encouraging and helpful that I truly feel blessed to have become a part of it. Like all walks of life, there are one or two who like to cause upset in the forums, but quite frankly, that can be quite entertaining at times. On the whole, I would recommend Authonomy to anyone wishing to start off on a writing career.

The fact I have a literary agent now working for me and my book by no means guarantees publication. For all I know, the publishing houses may hate what they see. On the other hand, it could be grabbed quickly. That is the thing with writing, one never knows and the waiting game can be dreadful. I am so lucky that I have yet to experience that long waiting game. I've been warned that could well be about to start though.

For now, I have to market myself. Easier said than done in some ways. Oh yes, I can do talks and get myself known by doing the circuit of lots of different clubs, dinners, luncheons and things, but and it's a big but. What if I do all of this and then no one wants my book. I'll look a right wally! Or will I? No, I don't think I will. I have already achieved something quite outstanding. I have been disciplined enough to write a whole book. I have then marketed that book(for want of a better term) on Authonomy. It has been thought worthy enough to attract the attention of a literary agent who has faith in it and me. No, even if the book isn't published, I will not feel a fool. I shall feel proud of what I have managed so far.

My first talk is at a ladies dinner this coming Friday. I am so looking forward to it. I was informed yesterday that as I am talking at the dinner, they have informed the press! How funny. Better try and make it a good one then hadn't I! Let's hope this is the start of something good for me. I am already two thirds of the way through another book, but have ideas for a third. The third may well take the place of the one I've already started. Time will tell. For now things are happening at a quite rapid pace for the literary world and I am just enjoying going with the flow.

For those who haven't seen this blog before, there is a small sample of my book on an earlier post. As the heading of this blog would imply, it is about mediumship and healing. I do readings online all over the world, but that may stop soon as I get busier and need to start my next book. I shall keep you posted on any news about what happens next, but be prepared for a long wait - I am!

Lorraine x

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Since writing my book, I have come to realise that there are quite a few people who are interested in learning more about psychic phenomena. Not just those who are 'in to it' normally, but also there are many sceptics who would like to know more. There are plenty of workshops where it is alleged you can be taught to connect with your angels, spirit guides, (garden gnomes and any weird things you care to name) and become a medium or healer. Don't get me wrong, some of these people are doing a brilliant job and it is their belief to which they are entitled. It is just that my helpers in the world of spirit have given me words to teach in order that strange practices are stopped.

There are so many types of workshops and development groups and they are all connected to spiritualism. At least the only ones I've ever found are. Even the ones who say they aren't all then start calling themselves spiritualists or having the same teachings as spiritualists.

Well, I am a Roman Catholic and a devout Christian. There was nowhere I could go to help me when I first realised strange things were happening to me. The only places I went all tried to make me tilt tables and all sorts of strange things similar.

There is also a myth that ALL people can be taught to be mediums or healers. this is so wrong. It is these things I would like to be able to help with. I want to be able to hold smaller meetings for people to come and ask any questions they may have on these subjects. I want to be able to teach them the differences between psychic gifts and mediumship. Most of all, I would like to be able to stop this 'fortune telling' style of readings that people do. I know that'll never happen, but at least I can help guide people that they are wasting their money going to these charlatans.

My problem is no money to start it all. Advertising costs and hire of halls or rooms in which to hold these initial meetings are stopping me from being able to do this now. I do not want to charge a lot of money, but would like to keep ticket prices to a minimum. Too many are charging between £25 -45 for a morning or evening workshop to try and teach something that cannot be taught to all. I hope to charge only £5-10 maximum depending on costs of hire.

There is a definite need for education in this field to steer people away from the old teaching generally taught today by well meaning people. I will use the words given to me by my guides who helped write my book of instruction. It is their teachings that I will be helping people with. This may develop into small groups for development for those who are naturally gifted, in order that they are taught the correct ways to use their gifts.

At present I am not sure how I can start it, but hope to do it very soon indeed. Time is of the essence and the time is now right for it to start. Not everyone can afford to spend much these days and I am all too aware of that. I want to teach that mediumship should be practised without charging people a fortune for readings. I would like to see healing offered free of charge by all healers. These are amongst the things that I shall be talking of in my workshops.

At first this will be done in my own area, but as time goes on, I hope to be able to go and teach these ways elsewhere for others to then adopt for themselves. I wish there had been somewhere like this for me to go to when I first needed help or advice and I sincerely hope this takes off and more are able to help teach with me in time. Maybe, just maybe, we will be able to change the ways these charlatans treat people and fool them into parting with huge sums of money. I would love your thoughts on this. What would YOU like from it if you attended a meeting. What would YOU like to learn about. I already know what people MUST be taught, but would like to help with problems or questions as well.

I look forward to as many comments as possible on this and hope you'll spread the word about my blog to more people. The more who read this and follow me on here and on Facebook, the more the word will spread about the need to change the way things are done now. I want to reach as many people as possible, in order that they can learn how they may be being duped by the less scrupulous people who profess to be mediums.

Don't forget, you can see the first chapter of my book and its teaching under older posts on this blog. That'll give some idea of what it'll be about. YOU can be instrumental in bringing about these changes. please help if you can.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Friday, 12 February 2010


Hello everyone,

several people have commented about my tissue readings and want more information. It was discovered by chance that I could "see" things in various materials that people had held in their hand. The idea is, you have a clean tissue that no-one else has touched, shake it out so all the folds are open and then you bunch it up into one of your hands and hold it like that for anything from 2 minutes onwards.

I then, unfurl it, look at it and see pictures and somehow I sometimes also manage to "link in" and will often get other information just from the energy. It is said that my readings are very accurate done this way and usually have a time span of between almost instant results to 3 months. This is by no means a full reading and will give a very limited amount of information which isn't always obvious until it occurs.

Another thing I appear to be able to do is "read" from handwriting. It could be as simple as a name and address or a piece of poetry or prose which has been copied out. It isn't the words but the energy. Remember, all of this is not written in stone and NO ONE should take it too seriously. NEVER alter your life to "fit" with what has been said or try and make things happen.

I have done tissue readings for people through the post. They must take the tissue and hold it as stated earlier then put it in an envelope. This envelope must them be put in another envelope which is then posted to me. Handwriting can also be put in there on a separate piece of paper if that is wanted also. The charge for this is £10 for tissue reading and £15 for both. A stamped, self addressed envelope must be enclosed for return of reading. It is not so easy to explain fully certain details by letter, therefore, anyone wanting a tissue reading can e-mail me after receiving it for a fuller explanation of any queries they may have. I can also do this unique way of reading with tin foil, cling film, ordinary paper and all manner of things, but tissues were chosen as Most people always have them to hand.

Please remember that all that you are told is for interest only and is not to be taken too seriously please. I do not wish to be held responsible for people who try to live their lives based on what I tell them. If I find this is being done I shall refuse to accept payment or do readings for them. We are not meant to know everything in life and nor should we try to find out things that are to remain a mystery.
When I do a handwriting reading it tends to be about one's character and I'm afraid I can be brutally honest about what I feel I can see. Again, please do NOT use this for anything other than it is intended. All of this is lighthearted and for entertainment ONLY.

Mediumship is different and I shall explain why that is another time. If there is anything you would like to ask please do so. You can send e-mails to me and anyone wishing a reading can contact me that way to get details of where to send their tissues. Next time I shall try to talk a little of psychometry as I have been asked about that particular subject.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I would love to hear any comments you have to make about this blog and its contents.

Take care,