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Thursday, 25 February 2010


Since writing my book, I have come to realise that there are quite a few people who are interested in learning more about psychic phenomena. Not just those who are 'in to it' normally, but also there are many sceptics who would like to know more. There are plenty of workshops where it is alleged you can be taught to connect with your angels, spirit guides, (garden gnomes and any weird things you care to name) and become a medium or healer. Don't get me wrong, some of these people are doing a brilliant job and it is their belief to which they are entitled. It is just that my helpers in the world of spirit have given me words to teach in order that strange practices are stopped.

There are so many types of workshops and development groups and they are all connected to spiritualism. At least the only ones I've ever found are. Even the ones who say they aren't all then start calling themselves spiritualists or having the same teachings as spiritualists.

Well, I am a Roman Catholic and a devout Christian. There was nowhere I could go to help me when I first realised strange things were happening to me. The only places I went all tried to make me tilt tables and all sorts of strange things similar.

There is also a myth that ALL people can be taught to be mediums or healers. this is so wrong. It is these things I would like to be able to help with. I want to be able to hold smaller meetings for people to come and ask any questions they may have on these subjects. I want to be able to teach them the differences between psychic gifts and mediumship. Most of all, I would like to be able to stop this 'fortune telling' style of readings that people do. I know that'll never happen, but at least I can help guide people that they are wasting their money going to these charlatans.

My problem is no money to start it all. Advertising costs and hire of halls or rooms in which to hold these initial meetings are stopping me from being able to do this now. I do not want to charge a lot of money, but would like to keep ticket prices to a minimum. Too many are charging between £25 -45 for a morning or evening workshop to try and teach something that cannot be taught to all. I hope to charge only £5-10 maximum depending on costs of hire.

There is a definite need for education in this field to steer people away from the old teaching generally taught today by well meaning people. I will use the words given to me by my guides who helped write my book of instruction. It is their teachings that I will be helping people with. This may develop into small groups for development for those who are naturally gifted, in order that they are taught the correct ways to use their gifts.

At present I am not sure how I can start it, but hope to do it very soon indeed. Time is of the essence and the time is now right for it to start. Not everyone can afford to spend much these days and I am all too aware of that. I want to teach that mediumship should be practised without charging people a fortune for readings. I would like to see healing offered free of charge by all healers. These are amongst the things that I shall be talking of in my workshops.

At first this will be done in my own area, but as time goes on, I hope to be able to go and teach these ways elsewhere for others to then adopt for themselves. I wish there had been somewhere like this for me to go to when I first needed help or advice and I sincerely hope this takes off and more are able to help teach with me in time. Maybe, just maybe, we will be able to change the ways these charlatans treat people and fool them into parting with huge sums of money. I would love your thoughts on this. What would YOU like from it if you attended a meeting. What would YOU like to learn about. I already know what people MUST be taught, but would like to help with problems or questions as well.

I look forward to as many comments as possible on this and hope you'll spread the word about my blog to more people. The more who read this and follow me on here and on Facebook, the more the word will spread about the need to change the way things are done now. I want to reach as many people as possible, in order that they can learn how they may be being duped by the less scrupulous people who profess to be mediums.

Don't forget, you can see the first chapter of my book and its teaching under older posts on this blog. That'll give some idea of what it'll be about. YOU can be instrumental in bringing about these changes. please help if you can.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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