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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I thought I would do a post about the Christian Churches and their views on psychic gifts and mediumship. I am a Roman Catholic by birth and have followed that faith throughout my life. It is due to this that I have struggled desperately with these other "gifts" that I appear to have.

All of my life I have been ridiculed for my belief in God by those who believe in only the here and now. The very fact I am a Catholic makes that worse in their eyes. There are people in life who always look for what is bad and they will pick out only those things they hear about which they can abuse you with. e.g. priests who have run off with a woman, allegedly molested children, priests who have run off with men - all manner of things. Well, we can see all of these things in all walks of life, but sadly, there is a small minority of people who wish to look for the badness and love to bring down what is inherently good. This says more to me about those people than the ones they talk about.

Yes, these things happen. They happen in all other religions and non religions as well. Basically ALL religions are based on goodness and love. Sadly, many people who follow these religions do not do what they are meant to. Also, the ones who are meant to lead do not always do what they are meant to. Fact of life. The reason being - we are all human and have a human's frailties. What has all of that got to do with psychic gifts and mediumship I hear you ask. Well, it is another thing that goes against what the church believes in. Maybe not on the same level as child abuse, but the same level as a priest breaking his vows of chastity I would have thought.

You see to me, there are God's laws and there are man's laws. God's cannot be broken, but man's can be. I have hunted all over the Bible for chapter and verse on mediumship and psychic gifts. I have read books galore from all manner of faiths and religions on this subject. I have wrestled with my conscience and asked for Divine guidance. I have come to the conclusion, be it right or wrong, that there are some things in life that are a true mystery and that should not be delved into too deeply. There are some things we are not meant to know about whilst of this world.

To each is given a gift or gifts. How we use these gifts is what I think is important. Many can be the type which have produced composers such as Mozart, Chopin,Beethoven etc. It can be people who have designed magnificent buildings or made a mark in many other ways. It can also be gifts more ordinary but equally as important such as a person who can help others just by being there. A listening ear when needed, a kind word when no one else wants to know. There are all manner of gifts given and it is up to us whether we use them at all and whether we use them well or abuse them.

It is the same with supernatural gifts in my eyes. If they are totally natural and not forced then I believe they are of God and to be used to help others. This is why I don't like the idea of "Fortune Telling" which is what most people want. What I do believe in is the gift of healing, the gift of mediumship and the various psychic gifts which, if used properly, can help people.

Jesus healed and "knew" things about people. He did all manner of things and while I don't for one minute put myself, or others who practice these gifts, in the same bracket, I do believe we are given these gifts to help people. The ones who have them naturally always seem to be genuine, caring people who do it for the right reasons. The ones who force it and try to "learn" it are invariably the ones who charge a lot of money and can cause a lot of upset. This is not true of all, but of many. One good way to tell if someone is genuine or not is by who benefits the most. Do you who seeks their help, or do they who overcharge you and tell you nothing to bring any comfort? If you leave feeling empty and disillusioned, then that peron has not being doing it for you but for their own glorification.

There are also others who do these things and have no belief in God, but they are truly good people who do this for the good of others and out of a desire to help. These too are good people. There are many who do these things the wrong way and use people for their own ends. You will have to judge for yourself who you think to be genuine and who isn't. Just be careful and do not part with too great a sum of money. That should give you a clue immediately.

Jesus said that what He did, we would also be able to do. So why do the churches (of ALL faiths) tell us we shouldn't? I think it may well be because of the fact there were so may frauds and charlatans out there and they had to control it somehow or other. There were probably many doing things in God's name when they weren't actually doing His work at all. Maybe that is why they had to try and control it. I don't know, but it would make sense don't you think? Maybe the only way to curtail it was to ban it altogether. I do know that one Pope recently had a healer go to him to try and help. If it was wrong in the eyes of the church then that wouldn't have happened would it? Also, if there is no such thing as mediumship, why does the church have exorcists?

Too many people dabble in what they perceive to be the different or glamorous world of psychic phenomena. They want to be seen to be "different". These are the people to be wary of. These are the people who dabble where they shouldn't. These are the ones who can cause all manner of upset and wreak havoc. What about the genuine ones? - no, I think if God didn't want us to do it, we wouldn't have been given the gifts to start with. If all it achieves is goodness then it must be of God. If, however, it causes any upset or harm to others, then it is not of God. God can only do good, so if anything at all, or anyone, does things that do not have this outcome, then you know it is not God's work. That does not mean that there has to be a success rate every time. That would be unrealistic. But, it should always leave you feeling warm and contented and at peace. If it doesn't then you know it is wrong.

I may be wrong with my thinking, but it is a conclusion I have come to after many years of studying books on all manner of religious beliefs and doctrines. This is why I choose not to advertise what I do and do not charge much at all. I never charge for healing and only charge a minimal rate for "readings". If God wishes me to help someone, then that person will come into my life somehow or other. It has worked up to now and that is how I shall continue to practice. If it is meant to be then it shall happen. There are phases when I am sought out quite frequently and then other times it goes very quiet. I KNOW I could get a lot of work and make a lot of money if I advertised, but that is not what it is about in my eyes. People have always arrived when they needed to find me. I have no doubt they will continue to arrive as and when He sees fit.

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