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Wednesday, 30 December 2009



Last week was the first time I felt able to try doing a reading again for someone after my health problems. For the last 18months - 2 years, I have had problems which have meant that my energy levels have been low. This in turn meant that there were times that I couldn't do readings for people even if I wanted to. It was all being blocked. Nothing at all would happen. It was as though I was put on rations. At the time, I couldn't understand what was happening. Why were there days that I could get things crystal clear and other days not a dickie bird.

It is only now that my health is improving that I realise just how unwell I've been and that I was obviously being restricted in order to preserve my energy levels in order to get through it all. My healing gift was also put to one side. As those of you who have read my psychic blogs will know, I "find" the area that has a problem with my left hand. For those who don't know, I hold my left hand about 4-5 inches above the persons body and move it around them until I feel where the problem is. I was struggling very badly indeed with this in the last few months and the ability stopped altogether. Yesterday, it appears as though it may be coming back.

I had someone here doing the housework for me as I am still unable to do certain things for a while yet. She told me her head was exploding and had been all night. She wouldn't go home and insisted she wanted to try and work through it. I sat her on a chair and placed my hands over her head. I used my left hand in the normal way moving it slowly around until I found where the problem was stemming from. I actually felt the heat showing me the exact spot the headache was coming from.

As my hands were several inches above her, she had no idea where they were placed or what I was doing. I only told her I would move my hands around above her so she wouldn't feel anything I was doing. As soon as I found the spot I needed to concentrate on, I held my hands above it. After a very short time she told me she could feel a lot of heat and told me where. It was exactly where my hands were placed. I carried on with the healing until the temperature in my hands returned to normal. This meant the healing was finished and so she then continued with her work. After about 5-10 minutes, she told me that her headache was almost gone.

I am delighted. Out of all of my gifts, healing is the one I love most. It can help so many people and I am so lucky that I have been chosen to be blessed with this most special of all the gifts. I realise that I have a way to go yet until my health is fully restored, but I have been shown that the gift of healing is being given back to me. I have no doubt that my health and the gifts will all improve in leaps and bounds now. I did my first reading last week and it went very well indeed.

The reading was actually done for someone I met in hospital the second time I was admitted. She was in the bed next to me and although she was only in there for the one night, we hit it off very well. During the day I was very poorly indeed, but many drugs later, by evening, I was well enough to chat to the other three who were in my room. One of them was a young girl of 17 and it was her first ever stay in hospital. She was a little nervous and thought our room was creepy and full of ghosts. We were actually in a very beautiful room, with very high ceilings and almost floor to ceiling arched windows which overlooked the most beautiful private gardens.

We were in the old part of the hospital which, to me, is very gracious and lovely. This young girl though was obsessed by the thought that this being a hospital, many people had died there and were probably haunting the building. She was really scaring herself. A couple of us talked to her and calmed her down and during it, I mentioned the old saying "the dead can't hurt you, it's the living who do that". She asked a couple of questions and it came out that I was a medium and clairvoyant. Well, the conversation took her mind off the other ghostly business and she became quite interested. There was much they wanted to know, but I wasn't well enough to say much, but the chat had calmed the younger girl and she went off to sleep happily, undisturbed by the hospital ghosts!

Now, when my new friend came to visit, we talked a little more of this as she was very interested in the whole subject. I asked her if she wanted me to TRY to do a reading for her explaining that it may not work. I started off quite hesitantly not knowing what would happen. It ended up as one of the best readings I've done for quite a while. She kept saying, "you're giving me goose bumps" all the way through as I kept giving her names, details and information that shocked her. The evidence she received was excellent according to her and she was thrilled. The reading lasted about an hour and I ended up taping a lot of it for her as she wanted to let her friends hear it.

I won't do it too often at the moment and shall take my time, but I have no doubt that the two occasions with the cleaner and my friend, happened to show me that my gifts are returning to me and will be able to be used properly again quite soon now. I am looking forward to starting my work helping people again as I have missed it. There are so many times when the healing has been shown to help so many people, that I would be upset to lose that gift. It is an honour to be able to be used in this way to do, what I see, as God's work. To me, it is God who does it all and I am used as an instrument. How lucky am I?

Anyway, as time progresses and more happens, I shall tell you about it. I think it may not be too long until this happens, as the girl I read for is telling all of her friends and she intends bringing them to see me. Let's wait and see what happens.

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