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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


My book, A Guide's Guide to Mediumship and Healing is doing very well on Authonomy and seems to attract a wide audience. It is a book, written by me, but dictated by those in the spirit world. I receive what is called Automatic writing at times which is a similar thing. I only do it when I feel a strong urge. That urge, usually means they have something to say. Since the book has been seen by many, I have had the urge to sit at this laptop and ask if there is a message for those in our world from those in Spirit. I used to get a lot of things from them about our world which is on my other computer (which crashed) and I am unable to retrieve. Maybe they want me to start it again and this time, through my blog. If you want to see some chapters of the book and help support it, go to


To this end, I today sat at my laptop and asked one question, that question and the resulting answer is exactly word for word as I received it. No more, no less. Whether this is a one off I do not know, but somehow, I think this is just the start. Here goes:-

ME: Is there any news today for the people of our world from those in spirit?

THEM : Many of the people today of your world are living their lives the wrong way. The are too wrapped up in themselves to care about others and what befalls them. It is something we would like to see changed in the future but have no idea how this can be done. Materialism is rife in your world and is the downfall of many men and women. It is greed that is taking them on this journey and path of destruction which they are on. it has to be stopped if they wish to salvage their souls. There is so much more to their lives than money and greed .If only they were aware of what is beyond, they would not do those things they do. They would be far more careful about what they are doing and how they are living their lives. It hurts us that they do not listen. We try and teach and guide them all but they will not listen to us.

Each person has a conscience, and that conscience is often our way of trying to guide them on the right path. They do not listen to that voice and instead they think they know best. That all there is in life is the here and now. How wrong they are these people and sadly, they will learn only when it is too late for them to change their ways. For some that time is very near and for others their time is much longer. These who are here yet for a longer time are still to be given a chance to see things differently and change their ways. We wish to help as many as possible and by writing with you in this way, we hope to reach as many as possible in order that they may stop and think about what it is they do. There is much they are able to do if they so wish. They can start by not needing all of those things that the people of your world place so much importance on. There is so little that your really need in that life of yours. We have no problem with people enjoying life and the fruits of their labour, but greed is another matter. There is no need for so much when others around you have so little. Children today are being taught that the only thing they need to strive for is money and posessions. this is so wrong. They need to be taught that the inportant things in life are not those they now cherish and desire.

The man who is the biggest, is the man who does more for many others rather than himself. To look after ones fellow beings be they of man or of beast is what is important. Protect and care for Nature in all its glory and stop abusing the planet you were given to live on. Man is detroying not just himself but the very planet he lives on. Ways mucst change now before it is too late to be able to change these things. Already there is much that cannot be saved, but for others there is still time. We shall tell you more of these things at another time, but for now, we wish you to please just think of what we say.

1 comment:

Stella said...

Hi, Lorraine

I do read cards as well and like to seek a different opinion as I'm a bit out of practice. So you did a reading for me on authonomy and it was all spot on.
You told me about a book you saw coming. I had put it on hold for a while and for some reason I started writing again, not because you told me you saw it, but because it came from inside myself. Amazing is THAT you saw it which truly shows your abilities as hardly anyone knew about this book.

Also I asked you for another reading recently, a private one and again, you hit the nail on the head.

What I admire the most is your ability to connect to people of all kinds. You are emphathic and I felt a lot of warmth coming from you.

I can only recomment your services and would use them any time again and pay for it. You take what you do seriously and do it with a great professional approach. It helped me finding directions and that's what it's all about.

Thank you very much, Lorraine.