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Sunday, 17 January 2010


There are those of your world who say that everyone can learn to be a healer and that everyone can learn to develop into being a medium. This is not so. Due to this most serious of errors, the standards of both have been very badly compromised. This teaching also means that many people of your world are using those who suffer, for their own monetary gain. This we wish to see stopped immediately with your help.

This is a book written in order that all healing and mediumship can be practiced in the most beneficial way to all concerned. At present, many people throughout your world are helping us in our work but not always in the best way possible. This is not necessarily their fault. There are many reasons why this could be and one of those reasons is bad teaching. Let us explain

The ones who teach this belief are mostly not natural mediums themselves but are usually those who have also been taught this by their teachers. If they are natural mediums and still choose to teach this then they are not working with us properly. We hope to be able to help guide you in this section about the realities of these gifts, how you will know if you do actually have them and how to understand if you haven’t.

If you are born with one, two or more of the spiritual gifts you will become aware of this fact yourself. It will be a gradual awareness that what you see, hear or feel, can at times, be very different from what the people around you experience. This awareness can start at any age. Each person’s experience is different from another’s. It can be from a very young and early age or not until you are older. Sometimes those with these gifts are not aware that what they experience is different from everyone else but accept them as normal things that happen to everyone. It is only later they realise this is not so.
Maybe this is a good time to mention psychic ability. Everyone of your world is able to develop his or her psychic ability and this is probably where the confusion started. There is a very big difference between using psychic ability and being a medium. We shall explain the difference for those of you who do not understand this.

Psychic awareness is akin to a sixth sense or, if you like, instinct. It is a sense that every person of your world once used automatically. As time passed and man progressed this sense was gradually used less and less. Some still use it today without realising it. You may sense someone staring at you and on turning to look find that you were correct in that assumption. That is you actually using your sixth sense. At other times you may instinctively know what to do. How come? You are using a part of your brain that man long ago stopped using. It is because of this that you are able to develop that part of your brain should you so wish. This is the psychic ability being developed. It will not make you a medium.

When you start tapping into this part of the brain and using it, you will be able to do all manner of things you could not do before. You will start to feel the energy from other people and objects. You shall become far more sensitive to the atmosphere on walking into a room or a building. There are many things you will be able to experience which you couldn’t before. This is what is really meant by development and awareness. Today, however, too many are teaching that development and awareness means teaching you to be a medium.

A psychic can tell you things about yourself by reading your energy. Each person, animal or object in your world has an energy field around them. Another name for this is the aura. Living creatures have a more extended aura than inanimate beings. Each living creature’s aura or energy field will be different to one another’s. Some are very close to the body and other’s extend well away from them. The others vary at different levels in between. This aura can also alter many times throughout your life for many different reasons. Illness, tiredness, awareness, energy and vitality, happiness, depression and for those of a good heart it is well developed and open. Those of a closed heart and soul will also have a more closed aura.

For those of you who have never tried this before there is a little exercise you can do which shows you how to feel your aura. Do not worry if at first it feels very close to your body, this is only because you have not yet developed your awareness. Hold your hands in front of you with the fingers straight out. Face the palms towards each other as though you were holding a package. Now, gently and slowly move your hands towards each other and apart again. Together, apart, together, apart. It should be done several times without ever touching one palm to the other. As you do this, try to sense the feeling in both of your palms at each stage. What do the palms feel like when they are apart? How do they feel as they start to get closer to each other? Do this several times until you feel a pull of power similar to that of two magnets.
When you feel a little resistance then you know you have touched your aura. At first you may not notice anything, but with practice you will start to become aware of what we talk about here.

This is what we mean by the energy field. It is when you become fully attuned to this with others that you will be able to “read” them. You will amaze yourself at the knowledge you can pick up from reading the aura of a person or animal. We shall speak with you a little later about how you can develop this awareness either on you own or with other people. For now we are explaining only what this book is to be about.

We have explained about what psychic energy is and have told you that anyone can develop it. We will now explain what is different about mediumistic ability. A medium will feel a presence around them of another person or their energy field. It will often be felt with a difference in the temperature around them. The air will go colder and can vary in its strength. Sometimes it is a gentle chill and it can also get very cold indeed. The person or people that they feel are not of your world any longer which is why the temperature they bring with them is different from that of your atmosphere.

As a medium develops his or her ability to tune into those of our world, they will feel their presence much quicker and stronger. This is something that cannot be taught. It is not you who decides whether you are to have this gift. What you can decide, however, is whether you wish to use it. Many of those who are destined for this work will choose not to use it until later in life. This is often due to circumstances around them or because they have not learned to develop it for other reasons of their own. If they have been chosen to receive these gifts you can rest assured that they will work with us at some time or other though even if only for a short while. Some will work with us very well indeed and others will choose only to do limited work. They are exercising their free will.

Those who have been chosen will work with the higher and purer energies of our world, which will result in a higher standard of work. Those who try to develop this mediumistic gift by force are drawing on lower energies that are always looking for people to use for their own reasons. Why is it that so many people of your world believe that once someone has passed from your world to ours they undergo a rapid personality and character transformation? There are people of your world who deceive and pretend to be what they are not. They fool you into a false sense of security until it is too late to free yourself easily. The same can be said of the world of spirit. It is these lower energies who work hard to deceive those who wish to learn healing and mediumship. We do not wish to upset or offend those who genuinely would like these gifts to share for the good of others. May we reassure those people that, in time, they shall work with us. It is just not destined for this lifetime.

There is a way that all of you can tell very easily who is working with the higher levels and those who are not; their personality and character. By this we do not mean that they will never get annoyed, irritated, upset or angry. They are human beings with human frailties after all. No, what we do mean is that they will be pure of heart. Their only wish is to help others. They are not the ones who are overcome by ego and greed. Their only wish is to serve. You will find that they usually put others’ needs well before their own. We shall talk of this at a later stage also and will cover the tricky matter of whether to charge and how much would be acceptable.

We hope in this book to cover most of the questions you may have about our work and will try to break it down into easy to read sections you can turn to at will. Obviously, we cannot cover it all here but hope you find it a good start.

There are many sections to be covered and so we shall do our best to explain as clearly as we can in order for you to understand those things that may be puzzling you.

You will find that there will be many people who will try to tell you that we are wrong. That is their choice. It is also your choice what you choose to believe and do in this life. We are only trying to guide you in as gentle a way as possible in order to help you understand a little more about our world and the way we work with those of your world. Every person has a will of their own, and should never try to force their will or opinion on another. If they are truly working with the higher energies and us then they will not do this. They will respect your opinions and beliefs and will never try to force their own on you. They will know that each and every person has to seek their own way on the path of what they believe to be the truth. You will all reach your own destination at the time, and in the way, that it is right for you.

When you pick up this book, it is your choice whether you read it all or not. You may have had it passed to you to read or chosen it yourself. Whatever and whichever way you came upon it, it is your choice what you then do with it. We are here only to guide you and if you choose to accept what we say to you then we are pleased. You may, however, choose to ignore some or all of it as rubbish. That again is your choice and we shall not be offended whatever it is you decide to do. For those who find it of interest, we hope it has helped you along your way a little and answered some questions you may have had.

One thing we must say to you. Please do not delve too deeply into all of the mysteries of life. There are many things that you are not to know of whilst of your world and to delve too deeply may result in bad health and mental instability. There are things you can learn and do, but many others you should leave alone. It is relatively easy to know what these things are as you will be able to tell whether it feels comfortable and easy or not. If you feel at all uncomfortable with anything you read, hear or feel then walk away from it immediately.

There are those who will try to encourage you into things that should be left alone. Trust your instincts at all times. All things that come from the world of spirit that are good for you will make you feel uplifted, content and relaxed. You should feel energised rather than drained of energy. You should feel happy and relaxed not tired and withdrawn. Your heart rate should slow and not race. Take note of these things and if there is anything, you do not feel comfortable with, then never be embarrassed or worried to say so. If those you are with accept that willingly and happily then that is good. If there are those who tell you that in order to learn you must do everything they say whether it makes you comfortable or not, then they are not working with us. They are working with the lower energies. Nothing we do with you will ever make you feel at all uncomfortable. Only at peace.

As with all things, there are positives and negatives. Everything of the world has its opposite. The same is of the world of spirit. Where there is good there is also bad. In order to only work with the good then please follow those simple guidelines we have given you. If you only work with the good, you will have no need for protection in a way you may be told. Those who tell you horror stories are the ones who are working with low energies. Walk away from them; they are not the ones who should teach you or help you. A simple prayer asking for good and to be helped and protected is all that should be needed. If you are feeling ill, very tired or low then you must never do this work as your energy levels will be too low and that is when you may be more at risk of lower energies being able to step close.

Whilst you are learning is when you need to be careful. This is when you need to pay extra attention to what you feel and who you mix with. Go only to those who you trust and feel comfortable with. Do not go to classes where you will be made to partake of everything they decide you should. It is your decision what you do and don’t do. A good class and a good teacher will always allow you to be yourself and only do those things you are comfortable with. Pick your friends wisely at this stage as it will greatly influence how well you develop if you are meant to. Remember, you cannot develop what is not there in the first place no matter how hard you try. Small achievements will not be proof of anything. If you’ve never had it, you won’t get it now just because your teacher says you will. We wish you well in your studies.


Before you start, there are several things you must do. First, make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing. Nothing too tight or restrictive should be worn. Loose fitting, comfortable clothes that are neither too warm nor too light are best in order that the temperature stays acceptable. You must then turn off all electrical equipment that may disturb you including telephones. If you have any animals or pets then they should be shut in a secure room in order that they cannot get out and disturb you. If you so desire you may light a couple of candles in order to help you relax. Music is not necessarily a good idea although we are aware that many people desire it to be playing in the background. This can in fact, distract you from what it is that we are trying to show or tell you. Peace is the best way to enable your mind to connect with ours.

A comfortable chair is also a necessity in order that you are comfortable throughout the sitting. It is acceptable to eat or drink beforehand even though there are those who would tell you otherwise. It is not a good idea to do something if your mind is filled with thoughts of food or drink because of thirst or hunger. Nor is it a good idea to overeat. Instead, a good balance should be met. Everything in moderation in life is always a good way to be.

Now we are ready to begin our sitting. Sit in whatever way is comfortable for you. There is no need to sit in any particular way. We have heard said that one must sit with feet placed firmly and square to the floor with their hands on knees and the palms facing upwards. There is no need for this at all. If we wish to communicate and the channel is clear, willing and able to receive us then we can do it no matter how you are sitting. If you wish to sit with your legs crossed and your arms folded then that is how you should be. It makes no difference at all to the communicator. We are able to give whatever we need to show you or tell you regardless of how you are sitting or what you are doing. There are times that we shall interrupt what you are doing in order to give an urgent message that cannot wait. At those times you won’t be sitting in any particular way waiting to hear so forget all you have heard or been told and just do what you are comfortable with. Being comfortable is the most important thing when you start learning to communicate with Spirit. If you feel awkward or uncomfortable with how you are sitting or behaving, it blocks the channel from receiving accurately or in some cases at all.

The reason we tell you to close your eyes is because outside influences can distract you. It is also a good idea to take two or three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. This will help to regulate your breathing and relax you. When this has been done you just sit quietly. Try not to let too many thoughts rush at you or through your head. Try very hard to clear your mind of everyday business and matters and if it helps, then picture yourself sitting somewhere very quiet and peaceful.

As you are sitting there allow yourself to feel what is around you. The very air itself – what does it feel like on your face or skin? Can you feel it through your hair? Can you smell it? What does the air smell like? This exercise will help to awaken your senses that you may not otherwise be using properly or to their full potential. The point of this today is not to hear, feel, smell or sense Spirit but to awaken your senses. In order to communicate with the Spirit world one has to be very sensitive at times to minute changes around them and within them. Without this sensitivity, you will be unable to understand or sense what it is that we wish to communicate to you. How will you know the difference between what you are feeling normally and what we are making you feel?

Too many people today in your world are trying to rush this part of the exercise. Without it there is no way of doing the job you are destined for properly. In order to work together we must all be able to communicate as best as we possibly can. Anything done is life is best done properly in order to achieve the best results. Many Mediums today are not practising correctly and are, therefore, giving incorrect messages that people do not understand. This type of work is shoddy and should not be tolerated or allowed. We try to do our best with the Medium we have but at times, they make our work so much harder for us.

The first time you sit in this way you should set a time limit for yourself. We suggest no more than a quarter of an hour. There is no need to sit any longer than this in order to attune oneself with one’s senses. It may take several attempts before you feel you are achieving anything but do persevere if you wish to work well with us.

We are always happy when someone from your world wishes to communicate messages for us. It is not enough though just to want to be a Medium. Not everyone is able to do this work correctly or effectively. There are people who should be guided by their teacher to seek elsewhere in order to serve. Not all humans are able to work in this way even though many are taught that this is the case. It is due to some people believing this that we have such poor communication with the ones who are being trained by those on earth. It is now time that we showed them how it should be done in order for the standard of mediumship to improve.

These Gifts of the Spirit come with a huge responsibility, which not everyone is able to recognise. It is not a game and nor should it be treated as one. Many again wish to do this work for the prestige, the money or just because it makes them ‘different’. Those are not reasons for doing it. Nor is ‘just wanting to do it’ a good reason. This is probably the time to talk of those who are working with other than the spirit world of which we speak.

There are those who enter into the world of fantasy and not reality as we see it. They talk of all manner of creatures fabled and real. These are not the people who we wish to guide in this book. If they wish to learn about the world of true spirit and mediumship then so be it, but it is not a book for those who seek further afield. For this, they should look elsewhere. Animals may present themselves to be seen in order for the medium to speak of them, but they do not pass messages, it is the guide who does this. Those who speak of such things are not doing our work or with us. There may well be a place and field for their work, but it is not with us and this is never how we would communicate.

The ones who have been chosen to work with us will have been guided to this work throughout their lives. They will be aware that something was happening to them at different stages through their lives even though they may have been unaware of what it was. It is usually a gradual awakening that cannot be ignored and will not go away. There are those, however, who are aware almost from birth that they have this ability. Those are very rare cases. To all of those other people who wish to work in this field but do not have the gifts of healing or communicating, we suggest that they would be better put to work helping those who have been chosen to do so. This is another way of helping spirit and is equally important in helping us to continue with our work. No one person’s work is more important than another’s. However you work to assist us, be assured that we are truly grateful and we thank you.

There are many ways of teaching how this work is to be done and not all are incorrect. However, the ways we teach you here are in order that the best work can be done and higher levels of communications reached. It is not written in stone that any one way is much better than another, but this is how we see the best results being achieved. It is, therefore, the way we choose to teach you.

Many times will you need to sit in peace the way we have shown you today in order for the right frame of mind to be reached. It is only time to move forward to the next stage when you know that the peace in your mind and body has been attained. You will be aware of this stage without needing to be told. It will feel different to you from the way you normally feel. Only after attaining this level are we then ready to move forward with this. It is now time to go forward to the next stage. We wish you to be with another person of your choosing for this next part of the exercise. It should be someone in who you trust to respect what this work is about and they too should be trying to reach the higher levels of communication that we teach you now.

If you are truly naturally gifted in this field you will be drawn to the person who is to take part in this exercise with you. When this choice has been made, then a time and place equally comfortable to you both should be arranged for the next sitting to take place. It may be an idea to keep to the same place and time each week wherever possible as this will make you more comfortable.

We are now ready for the next phase of your development to begin. Make sure you are both comfortable in the way, which was spoken of to you earlier. When you are both ready and prepared then sit as before and close your eyes. This time we wish you to become aware of the person with whom you sit. Be aware of their presence and note what you are feeling.

This exercise will take slightly longer than the previous one as you are now to feel changes within and without another being. Take time to adjust to the quiet space and peace as you were taught before and only when this state has been achieved may you move forward. When this state has been reached you may then move your senses to become aware of what surrounds you. Notice what you feel and acknowledge all of the things your senses are conveying to you about the immediate space surrounding you. Once you have done this you may extend your awareness beyond that space and allow it to go towards your friend.

Stay within your quiet space and allow yourself to feel the energy surrounding this person. Do not yet attempt to go within or to read more than you need at present. Just to feel a different energy than your own is enough at this stage. Whilst doing this you may become aware of many things surrounding that person. It could be colours, smells, a strong energy force or total calm and peace. Whatever you are feeling you should try to hold those thoughts. Hold those feelings and become familiar with them. Do not try to reach beyond them at this stage. If you feel yourself beginning to go beyond that then bring yourself back immediately to that place of peace within your own energy field. Once your peaceful state has been resumed then you may reach out again towards your friend.

You will know when the time feels right to bring yourself back to the present. When you feel you have felt all you are going to be able to without going any further then you may bring yourself back. At all times during this exercise, you must feel calm and peaceful. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or your heartbeat quickens then you must cancel the exercise and leave it for another day. If you have chosen your partner well then this should not happen. It is only when one of you is not pure of heart and has the wrong intention that this exercise will be of any discomfort.

It is not necessary for you both to finish at the same time, as each of you will feel different things at different stages. If you are to return to awareness before your partner then sit very quietly in peace until they too open their eyes and return to their normal state.

When you both feel ready, then it would be a good idea to get out of your chair and have a little walk around. At this point maybe a cup of tea or coffee or any soft drink of your choice would be appropriate. This is to enable you to come from any altered state in which you may or may not have been. Take your time with this, as there is no hurry.

As with all exercises of this kind, you will find that you may go into an altered state. This is not possession, nor is it trance. It is only a peaceful state of mind similar to a deep meditation. As in anything of this kind, it is never an idea to pull yourself back to the harsh reality of day-to-day living too quickly. Allow your body and mind to adjust slowly.

When you are both ready and feel fully ‘awake’ and alert then you may sit together and share each other’s thoughts and feelings. Let one speak at a time and share their thoughts and feelings with the other. When they are finished then the other may share their findings. After each has spoken of what they experienced about the other, they may then discuss it together.

One may find that they experienced far more than their friend did or maybe neither experienced anything. It may take a couple or a few attempts at this before anything at all is achieved. Remember, every person will move forward at his or her own pace. You must also be very honest when discussing what you felt, and the one listening should never take offence or be afraid of what they are told. Those of us in the world of Spirit would never wish to upset or worry anyone of your world. Interpretation of one’s feelings is not always correct, and it will take time before it is perfected.
It is also difficult for those of you who still exist on your earth to understand some of what you feel and be able to put it into words that can be understood by others. Some of the feelings you experience will be beyond the understanding of your world and are but a glimpse for you to experience what lies beyond. At these times, you may have great difficulty in explaining how you feel or what you felt. Eventually you will feel you are unable to go further with this exercise and it will then be time to do this with several people at once instead of individually. If you have been lucky enough to have done the first part of this with several friends individually then now may be the time to ask them all to sit together. This will then become a home circle, which should help generate far more energy and opportunity to experience more. I ask you not to take things any further at this stage but to keep it as you have been doing. For now just do the exercise as before and feel each other’s energy fields. Discuss your feelings with one another, at first individually and then as a group.

You will become aware that people have their own unique energy field surrounding them. Familiarise yourself with each persons. Compare them all – how do they feel and how do they differ from each other’s? Due to the fact that there will be more of you doing this exercise it would be an idea to limit the time taken on individual discussions in order for each of you to share your experiences. Repeat this exercise weekly until you all feel that you are unable to experience more without going further. It is important that no one tries to rush this stage. As with all of the stages we shall take you through it is important that each one is experienced fully in order that the senses are awakened properly. It is after this that we will be able to take you on to the next stage in this development.

These stages of awareness are really for those of you who have not progressed on your own. Although capable of learning through experiences given to you naturally by the spirit world, some may feel inhibited or unsure of allowing things to ‘just happen’ whilst on their own. There are those who feel more comfortable going through these early stages with others who are at a similar level. For those of you who are already very aware then you can obviously skip these pages if you so wish.

Do not have too many people in any one group or it will be impossible to sit and do this exercise properly. You need time to feel everyone’s energy field and whatever else you may pick up from them. In order to give each person the time needed to do this it is necessary to limit the numbers taking part. If there are many friends involved then it may be sensible to form two groups who could then mix about from week to week. However you choose to do this it is very important that this stage is not rushed and that every person feels they have achieved their full potential. It is only time to move on when the very last person is ready to..

Also, if you are interchanging the group, then it is important that the energy is still comfortable and good. If the balance changes then you will need to keep swapping people around until the correct balance is achieved. This does not mean that one person or other is a bad person, it is just that some energies connect far better and stronger with some than they do with others.

Each stage we reach teaches us a different process and none of these should be rushed. Every person will take a differing amount of time to reach his or her full potential in each field. Not all will be able to achieve this in every exercise as not everyone is blessed with all of the varying Gifts of God. Some have one, others one or two and yet others again may have all or most of them. As we have said earlier, there are also people who have none of the supernatural/paranormal gifts but they are instead gifted in other fields.

Due to the fact that so many are at varying levels of development, it is most important that those less quick to develop are given the time they need to progress at their own pace. If it is found that they are taking much longer than the majority of people in the group then it may be necessary to form a second one. If, however, it is only one person then maybe they would be better having one to one tuition or waiting till another time as maybe they are not quite ready to progress. Those of you who have successfully completed the first part of the awareness exercise are now ready to move on to the next stage.


Anonymous said...

is there a conflict in your being a medium and a being devout Catholic ?

lorryholly said...

Yes there is. It has been a huge struggle of mine for many years. However, A Catholic priest who is the exorcist for a particular diocese spoke to me at length. He questioned me closely and afterwards told me that he had no doubt at all my gifts were of God. He said he had no problem with me doing it as long as I continued it the way I was-always giving credit to God.

lorryholly said...

Oh and by the way, happy 40th for the 24th !