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Monday, 8 February 2010


Yesterday I went to a birthday luncheon for a friend. There were quite a few people there who are meant to be friends of mine also. I say 'meant' to be due to the way I was put down and ridiculed. They didn't mean it in a nasty way at all and are actually very nice people. So why then do people do this to each other?

Most of the ones there lead exactly the same lives as each other. Get up go to work, come home and that's about it. Obviously they socialise, but there is not much variety and they don't have very wide interests. I have always tried to keep busy doing a variety of things and I have many different interests. I don't go to work any more due to health reasons, but that doesn't mean I don't keep busy doing worthwhile things.

The latest achievement is my book. Even if nothing comes of it, I have written a whole book. Beginning, middle and end. It has a book cover and a title. It is even with a literary agent as I tell you this now. Why is it then that most of these 'friends' all appear to find it amusing and something I need to be humoured about? No one was interested in its content and they all acted as though, because I don't have a 'proper' job anymore, that there was nothing I could say of any interest. Therefore, my book was just something I was playing at as a bored housewife. They all laughed and not one asked me anything about it. Laughed and then with patronising looks that some would give a child they think needs to be humoured, changed the subject immediately.

It is almost as though people in today's world want others to fail and fall flat on their faces. Is it any wonder then, that if friends behave this way that we see the world in general doing it to each other? Even if nothing at all ever comes of my book in a big way. I have still done it. They haven't. Why can't they be pleased for me? I have a product that can be sold as an e book now even if a main stream publisher doesn't want to take a risk on it. I have something I can sell that others would be interested in. I wonder what these friends of mine would end up behaving like if my book was to become the next best seller. It won't of course, but just what if.

You can see a small section of that book on this site and if you do choose to read it, you will have shown more interest than my own friends have. Not one has expressed an interest or asked to see it. Nor have most asked what it is about. They have no idea if it is fiction or non fiction.

I have only written this today as I realised that there are many people like this in the world. If anything is outside their immediate way of life or living, they can't grasp it. They don't want to know. It is true of so many people today and it is sad. I won't tell them how the book progresses (if it does) and I can almost guarantee that they shall never ask about it. Sad isn't it. In the Bible it is said that a prophet is never listened to in his own country. Maybe that is true of many things in life.


Nibby01 said...

It amazes me how narrow minded folk can be, a lot of people seem to fear the unusual. I have read parts of your e book and I found it not only very interesting but compelling reading. You should be very proud of your achievements todate, and don't let anyone take this away from you. x

angelneptunestar said...

It is a huge achievement for anyone to write a whole book. Hope this isn't a too harsh comment, but have you thought that your friends were desperately jealous?

You have the ability to write and the drive to complete a huge project like a book. You were extremely successful when you raised money for charity, and your efforts attracted the attention of the highest people in the land.

Sounds like your friends are desperately scared you are heading for further stardom.