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Saturday, 6 February 2010


Just recently I completed my book, A Guide's guide to Mediumship and Healing. This is now with a literary agent at their request. Fingers crossed. Since writing this book, many people have been e-mailing me with requests for help and advice on spiritual matters. These cover a variety of problems or just questions on spiritual matters.

It has made me think that there is possibly a need for help and advice on this subject matter which is sensible and not answered dramatically or with a load of fanfare. There is no need for the high drama that most people associate with this sort of work. The best ways are the quiet and peaceful ones. There is usually a very simple answer for most things and needn't be as dreadful or as worrying as people may think.

I have now added a donation button onto my site to allow for this work to be undertaken. I have left it as donations as that way, people can decide for themselves what to give for my time. I only do this now as there are so many requests that my time is being taken up with sitting at the laptop all day reading requests for advice or readings and typing out the answers. I am more than happy to help anyone, but my time is precious and by making a small charge, I hope to be able to cut things down to a more manageable level.

I am sure that you will understand this. I do not like high charges that people make for any of this work and have tried to keep my prices to a sensible level. I changed them recently as everyone said I was being silly and charging too little. These are prices suggested by others which means you will probably find them acceptable too.

Please feel free to contact me on the e-mail address given above with any questions you may have and I will get to them the same day if possible. Thank you and i look forward to being able to maybe assist in any way I can.

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