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Friday, 12 February 2010


Hello everyone,

several people have commented about my tissue readings and want more information. It was discovered by chance that I could "see" things in various materials that people had held in their hand. The idea is, you have a clean tissue that no-one else has touched, shake it out so all the folds are open and then you bunch it up into one of your hands and hold it like that for anything from 2 minutes onwards.

I then, unfurl it, look at it and see pictures and somehow I sometimes also manage to "link in" and will often get other information just from the energy. It is said that my readings are very accurate done this way and usually have a time span of between almost instant results to 3 months. This is by no means a full reading and will give a very limited amount of information which isn't always obvious until it occurs.

Another thing I appear to be able to do is "read" from handwriting. It could be as simple as a name and address or a piece of poetry or prose which has been copied out. It isn't the words but the energy. Remember, all of this is not written in stone and NO ONE should take it too seriously. NEVER alter your life to "fit" with what has been said or try and make things happen.

I have done tissue readings for people through the post. They must take the tissue and hold it as stated earlier then put it in an envelope. This envelope must them be put in another envelope which is then posted to me. Handwriting can also be put in there on a separate piece of paper if that is wanted also. The charge for this is £10 for tissue reading and £15 for both. A stamped, self addressed envelope must be enclosed for return of reading. It is not so easy to explain fully certain details by letter, therefore, anyone wanting a tissue reading can e-mail me after receiving it for a fuller explanation of any queries they may have. I can also do this unique way of reading with tin foil, cling film, ordinary paper and all manner of things, but tissues were chosen as Most people always have them to hand.

Please remember that all that you are told is for interest only and is not to be taken too seriously please. I do not wish to be held responsible for people who try to live their lives based on what I tell them. If I find this is being done I shall refuse to accept payment or do readings for them. We are not meant to know everything in life and nor should we try to find out things that are to remain a mystery.
When I do a handwriting reading it tends to be about one's character and I'm afraid I can be brutally honest about what I feel I can see. Again, please do NOT use this for anything other than it is intended. All of this is lighthearted and for entertainment ONLY.

Mediumship is different and I shall explain why that is another time. If there is anything you would like to ask please do so. You can send e-mails to me and anyone wishing a reading can contact me that way to get details of where to send their tissues. Next time I shall try to talk a little of psychometry as I have been asked about that particular subject.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I would love to hear any comments you have to make about this blog and its contents.

Take care,


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angelneptunestar said...

You are now on my blog roll so can keep more of an eye on you. Must check out your services, will come back to you.